You now have a beautiful new tattoo, which is really an open wound! Please treat it as an open wound and don't let others touch it with their hands. Avoid anything that will introduce bacteria into it. Wash your hands before cleaning it or moisturizing. Showering is fine but avoid soaking for about 2 weeks. No swimming or hot tubs! Keep the tattoo clean and moisturized - I recommend Aquaphor for the first few days (3 times a day for the first 3 days) and then you can switch to unscented lotion (Keri, Aveno, Eucerin) or anything gentle.


If using tattooderm you will leave the wrap on for five days. The wrap will fill with blood plasma and most likely look muddy by the second day. This is normal. Make sure the the wrap is sealed for the full five days. If the tattoo becomes open to the air, remove the wrap immediately. (Once the seal is broken bacteria can build up and the wound can become infected.) If it does open to the air there is the possibility of coming back to me to have it rewrapped but it must be as soon as possible. You can shower during this time but if you work out regularly, I would recommend skipping until the wrap comes off. When it's time to remove the wrap, hop in the shower and let the steam loosen it a bit. Take a corner of the wrap and gently tug to loosen it. Take some soap and work your fingers under it to loosen it some more. DO NOT PULL OFF THE WRAP LIKE A BANDAID. Once the wrap is removed, you can go to washing and lotioning as you normally would. Typically I recommend dial anirbacterial soap and unscented lotion three times a day for a week. If there are any issues, please feel free to mail me or call me directly. 

The tattoo will be peeling and itchy about the 3rd to 5th day, this is normal. Do not pick or scratch it, just keep it moisturized. The healing process takes about 2 weeks, a few days less or more is normal.

I guarantee my work and provide free touch ups within a year. Some work can require me to have a second look because of the detail in the image. Touch ups are not regular maintaince. 

For long life, keep your tattoo moisturized and use sunblock frequently!