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Detroit Tattoo Convention: March 1st-3rd

Hell City Wet Paint Project: April 26th-28th


Detroit Tattoo Convention: March 2nd-4th

Motor City Summer Tattoo Expo: August 17th-19th

Amsterdam/The Hague, Netherlands Oct 31st-Nov 8th


Detroit tattoo Convention: March 3rd-5th

Hell City Wet Paint Project: April 28th-30th

Motor City Summer Tattoo Expo: August 18th-20th

New Orleans Tattoo Museum Guest Spot: October 26th-29th


Turquoise Concentrate with Eternal Ink!

-Published tattoo in an article in the Financial Times regarding old masters and the upcoming auctions at Sotheby's! of my favorite tattoos published in Art History News!

-Published in Art History News Blog!

-Feathers of Inspiration by Out of Step Books! So grateful to have some of my work included in the latest installment! Amazing books! Get yours now at:

-Article from BreakThru Radio concerning tattoos in the workplace:) Fun interview!

-Pint Sized Paintings! Such a fun project to be involved in! Check out the app!

-Article from the Dirty Show 2013

-This fall 2013 Out of Step books is realeasing a new book called "Antennae of Inspiration" and I've been lucky enough to have one of my paintings included. The book showcases a lot of amazing pieces from some super talented artists. Be sure to order your copy!

-Imperial's Second Annual Dia de los Muertos Party 2013. Local artists decorate skulls to auction off, using the proceeds to help fund art programs for children. So fortuante to be involved!