The Collaboration

Each tattoo is a collaboration between the artist and client. I want each client I have to feel like they're a part of the process, to know that I am here to translate their vision and create the best tattoo possible.

If I'm taking on a project, I like to start with a consultation so that I can get a feel for the overall design. Consultations usually only take about half an hour to an hour. If you have any reference, please bring it with with you, whether that be photos, a usb drive or just something that you're sketched yourself, all of these things help me better understand your vision. Please make sure that you either leave reference with me personally or send it via email at least two to three weeks before your appointment. I'm a planner and like to be prepared.  If the project involves referencing straight from a photo, ie flowers, animals, insects, there will be no drawing to approve since I work straight from the image you provide. If you do make an appointment, please be prepared to leave a deposit the same day.

About a week before the appointment, I like to email clients friendly reminders and to touch base on what we'll be doing, to approve work and make changes. I tend to book out at least three to four months at a time and like to tie up any loose ends before the day of the appointment to make sure things run in a smooth and timely manner for my client as well as myself. 

The day of your appointment, please make sure you're rested and have had a good meal. Feel free to bring a beverage, snack or headphones. I'm exteremly flexible. I can chat your ear off or allow you to get into your zone. This is about you, so I like to tune myself to my client's needs. It's important to me that you are as comfortable as possible:)